Nicole Cardiff (gryphart) wrote,
Nicole Cardiff

Realized I never put this on the blog in the pre-/post-con insanity:

The one thing currently in Ye Olde Portfolio to try and court the Magic end of Wizards - got it done before San Diego, and then never quite managed to track down the appropriate AD. Ah well.

I brought piles of cookies to Comic-con, and had a good time - still debating the professional usefulness of continuing to go for much longer, but I'll make that decision at a later date. Missed leemoyer at the Manchess demo, somehow; I kept an eye out, but no go. (BTW, Sidebar has a nice interview with Manchess, if anyone else would care to give it a listen, and I'm in probably 10 seconds of Ninja Mountain this week.

See you guys the next time around the track!

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